The Group Coaching Program to Help You Build a High-Paying & Happiness-Making Pet Biz  

For those who want to enjoy a consistent, reliable cashflow & achieve greater lifestyle freedom
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 Who Is This Program For?

Start Ups

If this is your first step into growing your pet biz - this program will help you establish a solid, reliable foundation to get your idea off the ground

Side Hustlers

If you want to make your side hustle pet biz your main focus - this program can help increase your income so you can ditch the 'multiple plate spinning'

Growing Businesses

If you have an established biz - this program can help give you direction, so you can scale & achieve even greater results

No more solo stressing.

No more chasing your tail.

No more 'hoping' for things to get better.

We designed this program to help online pet businesses overcome the challenges of not enough sales, not enough time & not enough engagement. 

We’ll show you the steps to boost your sales, reclaim your time & build a biz that pet owners can’t stop talking about. 

In addition to coaching you in the 5 Steps to Build a Profitable Pet Business, as part of this program you will enjoy: 

  • unlimited access to our education portal
  • weekly educational webinar 
  • worksheets and templates to support your coaching
  • live weekly group Q&A call
  • support from a dedicated accountability buddy group and
  • access to our closed Facebook community group
  • invitiation to our expert interviews with guest speakers
  • discounts on done-for-you services

You’ll receive all the support, strategies and education you need to create the business you always envisioned.

Ready to Build a Profitable Pet Biz?

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If You're a Pet Biz Owner Who Wants To...

✓ Generate more income
✓ Grow your customer base
✓ Reclaim your time & energy
✓ Learn new skills & strategies
✓ Make your biz stand out
✓ Learn the systems & strategies to scale
✓ Connect with other pet biz owners (who know exactly what you’re going through)

Then the Profitable Pet Biz Project is for you.

In this program, we will teach you the 5 Steps to Build a Profitable Pet Biz. 


Whether you want to join for 3, 6 or 12 months, you will have full flexibility for how long you take to implement & master these steps.  

(*To experience the full results & benefits of the 5 steps, this process will take approximately 12 months. However, you can stay as a member of the project for as long as you wish. This timeline is here simply as a guideline & you can stay in as long as you find the group beneficial.)  

Hungry To See Your Pet Business Succeed? Sick Of The Stress & Struggle? Determined To See A Change In Your Profits & Performance?

We know that successful online pet businesses all have the following 3 things…

A clear identity.

A solid strategy.

An enthusiastic community.


Every pet business has the potential to grow to profitability. That common saying that it’s a “dog eat dog” world out there? Well, we’re here to tell you that’s false. 

Because every pet business has something unique to offer the pet community. It’s simply a case of knowing how to communicate your value and connect with your ideal customers.

And do you know what else a successful online pet business always has, without fail?

A tight support network.  

Chances are that you’re running your business solo. Which can get lonely. It can also mean you get caught in doing everything yourself, trying to keep all those plates spinning, and eventually you’re so close to your business…

You can’t see the wood from the trees.

It’s for this reason that we deliberately chose to make this program a group coaching program, with a dedicated accountability group & tightknit Facebook community group. 

Because you don’t need to and shouldn’t have to go it alone. 

We’re here and an entire community is here to support you. To offer you guidance and inspiration and reassurance. To help take that stress off your shoulders…

Because this project isn't just about online learning & training.


This program was also created to surround you with a supportive community that will inspire & encourage you as you grow.

Excited to Build a Profitable Pet Biz?

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Our 5 Step Method to Build a Profitable Pet Business was created from our experience in helping to scale pet businesses globally

What’s included in the Profitable Pet Biz Project?

This program is designed to help you get tangible, meaningful results and fast. Whether you want to see improvements in preparation for Christmas, or to make long-lasting changes that will set you up for years to come.

Weekly Educational Webinar:

Recorded + Uploaded to the Learning Portal, for you to access anytime you want

Access to the exclusive Program Worksheets & Templates:

Created to support your learning, record your insights and give you the essential formulas

Live Weekly Group Coaching Q&A:

For you to ask any burning questions & confirm you’re on the right track

Access to an Exclusive Closed Facebook Group:

Where you can connect with other likeminded pet biz owners, celebrate each others’ wins & get networking

Access to a dedicated Accountability Buddy Group:

These pet biz owners will be your go-to throughout this entire journey, your personal cheerleaders & sounding board

With a few optional extras, if you want to take your results up a level.

  • Option to upgrade to 1-2-1 coaching as a one-off or for a regular series of sessions with Erin & Tarryn.


  • Access to heavily discounted done-for-you services with our agency (copywriting, website development, branding, graphic design, social media, email marketing, content creation), so that you can outsource when you’re ready.

What Are The Benefits of Joining
the Profitable Pet Biz Project Now?


This program is designed to help you see real progress & fast. So if you want to experience true change & end the cycle of fatigue, frustration and burn out then this program is vital for you. 

In joining us now you will gain:

  • A great deal more personal support from your mentors – as in future we’ll have larger numbers coming through, meaning less opportunity for us to focus solely on you.


  • A heavily discounted price for our first intake – as we want to reward you for taking action now & we’d love to chat about your experience and feedback as you move through the program.


  • Unlimited access to the education portal – as again in the future this will become much more restricted, where students will only receive limited access to our Pro Resources with the option to upgrade.


  • Networking opportunities in our members only Facebook Group – so you can continue to connect, partner, collaborate and generally be part of a community that is cheering you on to succeed.

And as an added bonus…

  • Exclusive access to our ADVANCED EMAIL MARKETING FOR E-COMMERCE OR SERVICES BASED BUSINESSES - TRAINING AND SUPPORT – a module designed exclusively for online pet businesses, teaching you all the techniques to make your email marketing appealing, compelling and – most importantly – optimised to get even more sales

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And Who Will Lead You Through the Profitable Pet Biz Project?

Meet Tarryn, Your Business Strategy Coach

Tarryn has 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Mindset. She has been taught by Dr John Demartini & Dr Joe Dispenza in Mexico & Australia, and is an ICF Certified Coach + PRINCE2 Project Mgr

She’s also the owner of Ash & lifelong lover of animals.

Meet Erin, Your Branding & Creative Coach

Erin has a Bachelor’s in English Lit & Creative Writing. She is a trained copywriter and from the offset of her career has specialised in digital marketing and branding.

She is a millennial pet parent to 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 tortoises & a tank full of fish.

And don’t forget that you’ll have a dedicated accountability buddy group, standing by your side throughout this journey.

Because this isn’t something you’re going to go alone. We’re going to be here to help you actually make those changes and implement the things you need, to experience a real shift in your sales and performance.

No more procrastinating. No more dodging, delaying or finding excuses.

We’re going to get things moving for you, and we’re going to get them moving now. 

And What Happens If I Want To Join?

As part of the process to join the Profitable Pet Biz Project, we’ll first invite you for a call with either Tarryn or Erin (or potentially both!)

This is to confirm that you’re a fit for the program, but more importantly that we’re a fit for you too. 

We want to ensure that you’re in the position to experience all the amazing benefits from this program & get the best results for your pet business. This chat is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions and for us to also get you set up with access to everything.

So, are you ready? Yes? Great! Then click the button below & let’s get the ball rolling!

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Payment Options For The Profitable Pet Biz Project (Set to Increase Soon - Secure 2021 Price now!)

Option One


Monthly, USD

Pay Monthly
  • No lock in, cancel anytime
  • Flexible solution for those that like to take it one step at a time



Option Two


Annual Payment, USD

Annual Payment (2 months free)
  • Pay for the year up front (that's a $194 discount!)
  • BONUS: 1 hour 1-2-1 consultation with Tarryn & Erin (valued at $350) to use when you wish throughout the year

The pet industry in Australia is worth more than $12.2 billion, according to a report by Animal Medicines Australia (AMA)

What does this mean for you? It means that now is the perfect time for you to act. 

2021 has been a year of ups and downs for many, but for pet business owners it’s also a time of sheer potential. 

With over 29 million pets in Australia alone and the combined global population of dogs and cats reaching over one billion, the statistics don’t lie.

There is a huge demand and opportunity in the industry right now. And pet owners are eager, excited and ready to engage with online pet businesses who can help them provide their pets with the best care possible. 

It’s now simply a chance of learning how to bridge that gap between where your dream customers are and where you currently stand.

And we can help show you how to bridge that gap. 

Every pet business has something unique to offer pet parents. And as part of the Profitable Pet Biz Project we’re going to show you exactly how to celebrate your…

  • Uniqueness
  • Worth
  • Desirability
  • Importance

(Here’s a hint: we’re going to help you with this in Step Two of our Build a Profitable Pet Biz Method.)

Ready To ‘Get With’ The Program?

  • Say yes to more sales and profit
  • Say yes to more work/life balance and freedom
  • Say yes to attracting a fun, engaged and loyal community
  • Say yes to having the ability to step out of your business (and say hello holidays!)
  • Say yes to professional and personal fulfilment

The thing we love most about our pets? They don’t overthink. They don’t deny themselves what they truly want. They’re instinctive creatures who see an opportunity and go for it. 

Which is why our ethos is to think more pet. To experience that same liberation and enthusiasm, to plunge into the opportunities life presents us and to enjoy ourselves whilst we learn and grow along the way.

And we’d love for you to join us. 

Our community is waiting for you! Get started today :-)

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Do you fit our criteria for the Profitable Pet Biz Project?

If you’re ready to transform your pet business, ready to apply your focus and get stuck in & ready to join a network of inspired pet entrepreneurs who are all hungry to transform the world of pet care…

Then heck yeah, you fit our criteria.

But please note, we’ve made a commitment to only work with the pet businesses that…

  • Have a solid pet business but truly want to see it thrive
  • Deserve to have more money & time to live a fulfilling life
  • Are here to make a real impact on the wellbeing of animals & leave a lasting legacy

So if that sounds like you, or something you aspire to achieve, then we’d love to have you as a member of our program. 

Your success is our success. This is why we’re here to help pet businesses see actual transformation in not only their sales – but their energy, time freedom and life satisfaction.

Only serious candidates will be considered. You’re either all in or… not. 

So, what do you say?


I’m All In! 😀 Apply for the Profitable Pet Biz Project here

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